Videos: Introduction
The Trip South to Houston, Minnesota

In September 2008, Mary deYoung and I (Betty Peterson) made the trip from the Twin Cities to Houston, Minnesota where the Jordan's organic farm is located. John Jordan, Pat's father, had agreed to let us interview and videotape him so we could share information about Self-Directed Support Corporations (microboards) with other Minnesota parents.

We were impressed with the beauty of the farm -- green, lush hills surrounding the farm and a beautiful older farmhouse tucked into the hill.

Marianne Zerbe, John's wife, served us a delicious organic lunch and John and Pat's team spent hours talking with us about his microboard. Pat contributed by his presence and sociable comments from time to time.

Thanks to the Jordans for letting us share this story!

Feel free to enjoy the videos and take whatever
ideas which might be helpful to you!