Why A Microboard?

Happier, more stable staff. You can be flexible with how you pay staff and other arrangements. You can employ them to do admin work if they are dependable and smart.

Utilize unpaid supports more often.  You could have an accountant on your board of directors who agrees to take care of your payroll, or a farmer who offers some produce or other work for your child, or someone who agrees to employ your child.

Low administration costs. You can hire support managers who work out of their homes. Lower insurance costs.

You can require training specific to the person’s needs, and not have to require training that does not benefit them.

That said, they are not for everyone. Some people need to have something quick. This is not quick. Some people do not like the idea of working with a group. One of the benefits of this is that you are working with a group, and it would be hard to do otherwise.

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