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CIRCL Pioneers in supported living, lots of information they have collected and developed over the years. A toolkit for providers, and tools for people needing supports.

Community Works! Lots of great information from the couple who started microboards in Canada.

Hart-Supported Living Program, Kentucky The lady who started this is an amazing woman. Almost single-handedly convinced the government to provide flexible funding for people and was tireless in getting people supported in their own apartments and homes and getting people out of institutions. More about the Kentucky program

Kansas Supported Living 

National Resource Center on Supported Living and Choice This has always been a great source of information on supported living.

Supported Life Institute This institute holds a big conference every year which has many sessions, many that are given by people using supported living, on the “nuts and bolts” of supported living.

Supported Living Project: A Final Report Allen Shea was asked by Idaho to do an evaluation of supported living services in their states. Is there some way Minnesota could have this? Although we don’t have supported living, we have some things very close to it and maybe Allen Shea could create a report with a look to the future. Allen Shea’s contact info can be found at the CIRCL website.

TASH One of their main goals is to further community living with choice. I hate it when I miss these conferences. Afterwards I always hear about some wonderful sessions about supported living that are given by the best supporters in our country.

Tennessee Microboard Association These people have had a lot of experience helping people set up microboards. The Tennessee government originated and totally supported microboard development and was behind the creation of this association to support microboards. And their website has a lot of information on microboards.

Vela Microboard Association THE pioneer organization in microboards, in Canada. Must read for microboard information.


Date Location Event,Link
Last year's was on:
October 5 - 7, 2011
Sacramento, CA 25th Annual Supported Life 2011 Conference
"Many Partners, One Strong Voice"
Empowering All People with Developmental
Disabilities to be Fully Included in the
Community and Inclusion Celebration
last year's:
24 Nov 2011
Manchester UK Association for Supported Living Annual Conference
There Is Another Way
Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2012 Long Beach, CA TASH 2012:
So Many Answers Left Unquestioned!
June 26, 2012 London, UK Annual Supported Living Conference

Tel 020 7923 5348 or go to
A Speaking Calendar for a guy named Peter Leidy Peter Leidy's Conference Schedule and website
This isn't a conference, but Peter goes around to LOTS of these kinds of conferences, and so if you want to find one, just go to this link. He has some very fun music and great ideas!



The purpose of Minnesota Supported Living is to:

1) provide information about supported living and microboards and/or self-directed support corporations, which are a form of supported living, and

2) invite conversation and answer questions from people interested in these individualized, self-directed forms of support.

I feel lucky to be Daisy's mother and to have been inspired by her search for "a life". I share her dream that she can always live in the community where she chooses, with whom she chooses, with real choice over her staff and her activities and her life.

So, now, let's get busy and make it happen! -----Betty Peterson